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Knightshayes, Again

I posted a couple of pictures of the house, and some of the gardens yesterday. So here is "indoors". The house was decorated originally by a friend of Pugin (who did the Houses of Parliament). However the owners then thought it was over the top, so covered much of the decorations with plaster, etc. So when the last owners had no family they left the place to The National Trust, who have restored some of the rooms to their original design.

I love the cabinet in this room
 photo DSC_0257_zpsbxngxvgt.jpg
What a ceiling ......
 photo DSC_0252_zpslhcedboa.jpg
.... in the library
 photo DSC_0251_zpshr44x29a.jpg
Never seen a table/plant like this
 photo DSC_0245_zpsmifh1iuk.jpg
Another stunning ceiling ... this was totally rebuilt from the original designs
 photo DSC_0247_zpslzypvvck.jpg

 photo DSC_0243_zps6tgeiihy.jpg
The entrance hall  ....  The owner was a membof the Stag Hounds
 photo DSC_0242_zpslsb7vsrk.jpg
Maybe I should paint my spare room painting like this when I have finished sorting it out.
 photo DSC_0240_zpsewmyxzjb.jpg
I do love this ceiling
 photo DSC_0239_zpsx1irfajz.jpg

 photo DSC_0237_zps1vakn5ej.jpg
Great gong for the Master of the Stag Hounds
 photo DSC_0228_zpsdb5zzsep.jpg
On the top of all the posts on the staircase
 photo DSC_0226_zpsxaadgmha.jpg
The last owner was the Ladies British Golf Champion in the 20's and 30's ... The clubs were all personalised
 photo DSC_0225_zpsmfontjc1.jpg

 photo DSC_0219_zpssd64sy9h.jpg

 photo DSC_0220_zpsynfoxjw5.jpg
The games room
 photo DSC_0222_zpsj2s17bv4.jpg
... and a close up of one of the statues
 photo DSC_0223_zpszsfysh5k.jpg
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