Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just An Easy Meme ....

.... Am watching an episode of Hercules, and I should be writing a letter, but as ever I am procrastinating.  So having gone on Facebook to wish a work colleague a birthday greeting, I have snagged this meme

Bucket list - UK version. Put a yes or no next to the ones you've done.

💍Been married: No.
💏 Fallen in love: No
👫 Gone on a blind date: No
👥Skipped school: No
😵Watched someone die: Yes
🐌Been to France : Yes
🚑Ridden in an ambulance: Yes
🌇Been to America: Yes
🛫Been to Europe: Yes
️Been to Blackpool: Yes
💺Been to Liverpool: Yes
🚈Been to Newcastle: No
🚉Visited Disneyland Paris/Orlando:No
🏁Visited Legoland: Yes
🚧Seen the Grand Canyon: No
🚁Flown in a helicopter: No
🛳Been on a cruise: No
🕴Served on a jury: No
☔️ Danced in the rain: No
🚘 Been to Manchester: Yes
🚂Been to Edinburgh: Yes
🎼 Played in a band: Yes
🎤Sang karaoke: No
📱Made prank phone calls: No
😂 Laughed so much you cried: Yes
❄️Caught a snowflake on your tongue: No
‍👦Had children: No
🐶Had a pet: Yes
🏔Been sledging on a big hill: No
⛷Been downhill skiing: No
🌊Been jet skiing: No
🏍Ridden on a motorbike: No
🚌Travelled on a bus,train & coach:Yes
🛩Jumped out of a plane: No
🎞 Been to an outside movie: No
🐫Ridden a camel: No
🐎Ridden a donkey: Yes
🎬 Been on TV: Yes
📰Been in the newspaper: Yes
🛌Stayed in hospital: No
💉 Donated blood: No
🏼 Had a piercing: Yes
🐾Had a tattoo: No
🚙Driven over 100 mph: No
🏽Been scuba diving: No
🏠 Lived on your own: Yes
🚓Ridden in the back of a police car: No
📝Had a speeding ticket: No
💊Broken a bone: No
📍Had stitches: No
💺 Travelled Alone: Yes

Oh well, that was quick, so I suppose I can't put things off any longer!!
Tags: meme, personal, rl

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