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MEME - Answer # 4

spikereader asked me in this MEME yesterday

If you decided to open a shop what would you sell, and why? 

When I was in the sixth form (16 - 18 for those who are too young ... or not English !!) and at college I actually worked in 2 different shops.

The first shop was a small health food shop / sub post-office run by Fijians.  I spent all the day by myself and had 

to use ham and bacon machines then clean and sharpen them before I left ... weird whemn you now think about it, as I started there when I was 16!

While I was at college I worked Sturdays and holidays for a "posh" departmental store - If you have seen "Are you being served" it wsn't far wrong.  I loved working there when I was on China and Glass; and later loved Electrical, which I was in for 3 of the 4 years - but hated clothing, which I did as an occasional cover when departments were short-staffed.

Anyway - My type of shop choice:-

I wouldn't want clothing etc ... people are to bitchy!
Couldn't do handcraft ... as I am colourblind!
Wouldn't want to do a sweet shop ... I'd eat the profits!
Wouldn't want to do furniture/carpets etc ... not busy enough, I'd get bored!

So, I suppose my ideal shop would be a bric-a-brac and antique shop.  I love collecting / hoarding ... So this means I could spend time looking at catalogues etc of stuff I love.  I wouldn't have to stick to any one name / pattern / style - I could have a bit of everything.  and, with a wide enough range I would be kept fairly busy.
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