Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Clacton Trip Photos 3

On the Saturday morning Auntie Joyce took Jiffy and I to the front again.  This time near the pier.

There are a few themed gardens ... such as the Rememberance Gardens, and the Rose Gardens.  However the most stunning was the garden around the War Memorial, truly special.

Looking from the bridge over to the pier
 photo DSC_0179_zpsfzvecwof.jpg

 photo DSC_0172_zpsvslxx5gg.jpg

 photo DSC_0171_zpss36gxbjs.jpg

 photo DSC_0170_zpsho5fuebc.jpg

 photo DSC_0169_zps19v0ndsa.jpg

 photo DSC_0168_zpskcxtmr2b.jpg

One of the other gardens
 photo DSC_0162_zpsbg4q6pvv.jpg

 photo DSC_0161_zpskkon1jap.jpg
And another -
 photo DSC_0165_zpseqswqifp.jpg

And what would be a sea-side without amusements ....

Amazing crazy golf ... one of 3 in the area
 photo DSC_0176_zpswmkpqkdz.jpg

 photo DSC_0177_zpssnxvtzop.jpg

 photo DSC_0178_zps34p2mtfy.jpg

And, of course, Jiffy signs were everywhere -
 photo DSC_0164_zpsw46ztuxf.jpg
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