Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Day Off Work, Today

I normally work Tuesday afternoons, so it's good to take off a few hours yet have the whole day.

I have actually been quite productive .... this morning Jiffy and I went to Mum's cemetery. It was always a place that we have walked through as it is lovely, so this way it's a nice walk, as well as checking Mum's grave .... and used the camera on my phone to take some pictures, so you can see what I mean,
Still no stone, but I am keeping it tidy
 photo WP_20160705_003_zps9jmuode5.jpg

 photo WP_20160705_005_zpshdnbyzns.jpg
Mums grave is here ^
 photo WP_20160705_004_zpsocjdbye1.jpg
There is Jiffy keeping guard (sorry it's slightly blurred)
 photo WP_20160705_001_zps3en72hes.jpg

 photo WP_20160705_002_zps8rna9hti.jpg

Once back I dropped Jiffy off and went to see Dad. He was looking very chipper today, and as I had taken my chromebook in we looked through some photos from LJ.

Then lunch, and then i actually spent an hour painting my fence, and then another half hour painting a couple of garden chairs ... a lovely bright pink! So now I'm showered and LJing, as well as writing a couple of letters I owe.

So a good day - I hope your day is going as well.
Tags: camera phone, cemetery, garden, housework, jiffy, mum, personal, rip
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