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At Long Last .....

.... I have my new router so can try to keep up to date from now on (*fingers crossed*)

Well that's the good news .... the bad news is OUCH .....

As you know, I have been battling the tooth problem from Easter, and last week had the tooth taken out.  End of problem, HA HA.  Apparantly 1 : 10,000 extractions give something called a "dry socket" ; in other words the hole refuses to heal.  So I had the socket cleaned and packed yesterday and started on penocillin, and have to return for more treatment in a couple of days.  They think it may take up to 6 months to heal :(

I asked "Why?"; and was told there was absolutely no reason .... so I pointed out that my last extraction went the same way.  Apparantly all that proves is that I am incredibly unlucky ... so, for those who wonder how I got the name Debris, you can see why!!!

Also saw the doctor today as my thyroid has decided to pack up.  The good news is that I now get free prescriptions, the bad news is that it makes my tiredness worse ... so not good to go with the CFS!!

Well must get lunch and head into work.

Will try and catch up with some of those back comments this evening.
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, computer, debris, dentist, thyroid

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