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Frustration Doesn't Cover It Today!

I was going to "pop" in to moan about the book I finished last night, to find that my pc had updated itself to Windows 10, and I had to find where things were - luckily I found LJ, so the rest will have to wait until I get that illusive spare minute!!

Anyway, my book.  Story synopsis is girl in her 20's is being stalked, so mother asks a family friend to move in while they find a way to get him caught by the police, so not just cautioned.  Family friend has a nephew staying, and as the story progresses you see that the 2 pairings are slowly building.  It's well written, and flows well.  So, last night I had the last couple of chapters to read and although tired wanted to know what happened.

So last couple of pages, stalker is caught ... THE END!!   Not even a final ... "one year later", or the promise of a sequal, so annoying!

So whereas I would have said it's a good book, now I am left totally in the air and not even enough to set my immagination fully going.  Oh well, lets just add a last line, shall we - "And, they all lived happily ever after".  Yes, much better!

Right must fly - off to dad's, then lunch then work this afternoon.  Have a good day everyone.
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