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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
I Gave Myself A Kick Yesterday!! 
14th-May-2016 02:44 pm
Wanting a hug - Cap'n John
I realised that some of the time oof feeling low and unwell has escalated me feeling low, and sorry for myself.  I had not bothered dying out the grey hair, wore tatty jeans, and din't even bother with ear-rings on a couple of days.

So, hair is coloured, and yesterday afternoon I took Jiffy for an extra walk locally (with my phone only) to take some photos for my Friday challenge,
I just love this tree - it's in a front garden a few houses up from me
 photo WP_20160513_010_zpsfvjnvwqn.jpg
On the move .... as ever
 photo WP_20160513_007_zpsyzkuvdx4.jpg
Well, when he's not sniffing!
 photo WP_20160513_005_zpsijelmtfh.jpg
More blossom
 photo WP_20160513_003_zpsclkm3jql.jpg
I loved these flower pom-poms
 photo WP_20160513_002_zps05rhtjhg.jpg
Pity I can't share the smell - gorgeous
 photo WP_20160513_001_zpsq7qap3ze.jpg

Earlier in the day yesterday I had been to the dentist again, and she has talked herself out of extraction, and has re-filled the root and giving it a month to settle (I think she is hoping that if it gets worse I shall return before that ... while she is on holiday!!)  I then went to Mum & Dad's and did another 90 mins of sorting.  There's still loads to do, but I am slowly getting through it all.  I then went to see Dad, who was exhausted!  The morning had been a "street party" at the home, which I had hoped to go to until the dentist intervened.  Then a meal outside, then some kids from a local school gave a sing along party.  Hopefully I will get to see the photos.  Everyone said Dad had a great time.  He has a new posh, large wheelchair now, so he can sit in it, as well as be moved in it.  It has a large footplate as well, and he sais it's very comfy.

Today Jiffy and I went in the bus to Exeter ... he loves going there.  I bought a pasty for lunch, that he shared a corner of ... so I decided me time was needed ... the boxes will still be here later!

PS, Friday 13th May 1981 was the day I passed my Driving Test ... Happy Anniversary me!

Well I must get some art done - I signed up for Seasonal Spuffy ... Hope you are all having a good weekend.
15th-May-2016 03:37 pm (UTC)
I find it easy to get overwhelmed myself and let myself go. Good for you that you found some time for you!

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