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Happy Saturday Everyone

At last a chance to sit and catch up a bit.

I am trying to be a good girl on my days I work a 9-5 and not switch on my computer, but rest and slob out in front of the TV, with an early night. There is still loads and loads to sort out, so I don't want to push myself like I had to last year. Hopefully I shall slowly be able to increase my "working" time, but at present I am trying to be sensible (shock, I know!!)

Yesterday I went to the dentist for my 4th appointment - which in theory should have been the crown placement. However on appt 2 (after the nerve removal) I was sore while she was drilling, and then the area hurt for the week, so last week it was no treatment but penicillin, however no change. So yesterday she took all the filling out and re-x-rayed, and drilled, cleaned, and put an antibiotic liner in, before re-sealing the root area. She was quite upset because if this doesn't work I lose the tooth. As it's a tooth #2 she is upset. I don't care about my own appearance (in fact I never ever use a mirror), but she is upset. So I had to comfort the dentist as I know she has done everything she can. The area is very sore, but whether that's the antibiotics working or not, I wont know till Friday ... watch this space.

Saw dad only briefly yesterday as he was in the activities room helping with a wall hanging ... well, he was sitting and laughing as the activities co-ordinator teased him into saying he was in charge of the 6 ladies there. Great to see him happy.

Sorry, I forgot the camera yesterday, but as I was dentist, then an hour at Mum & Dad's doing more clearing out nothing to photograph. So I thought I would share the pictures I took on my phone last week. The camera is not great (to me a phone is just to keep in contact!), but dragonflylady77 challenged me on Instagram to post a nature picture a day for a week -
A beautiful tree on the Cathedral Green in the city centre
 photo IMG_20160506_163208_414_zpsbu1ltlmb.jpg
 photo IMG_20160506_163239_683_zpssyyneyoy.jpg
Just some local colour
 photo IMG_20160506_163220_918_zps1hkf01za.jpg

 photo IMG_20160506_163230_315 1_zpszsqk9cs2.jpg
Part of the hospital car park
 photo IMG_20160506_163204_709_zpscviathz9.jpg
Part of the hospital grounds on my walk home
 photo IMG_20160506_163226_360 1_zps6xf7zu4p.jpg
My back garden
 photo IMG_20160506_163214_470_zpsguyzut7m.jpg
One of the many fish in the tank in the foyer of my father's home.
 photo cachePhoto_zps18rjxhga.jpg

And finally, as it's a weekend, and we haven't got thesun the rest of England has, here is some James to cheer us all up -
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