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I'm Back ... I Hope!

To say the house is still chaotic is being polite, but at least I have "dug" my way through my study to find my computer again. I will admit I haven't looked at LJ since I last wrote something, so if there is any big news please let me know.

I thought I would re-start my lj-ing with this amazing link -

As someone who can not dance at all, it does mean that maybe I still have time to learn!!!

So either skip the scribbles, or make yourself a pot of tea, and open up the biscuits ...

  • Dad had  another small stroke 10 days ago.  He was seen by the doctors and paramedics from the hospital, and I was there for all of that.  I suggested that the support and care he received at the home meant it was the best place for him.  If he had gone into hospital, it would disorientate him, and he would be a new face in a busy location ... and there was nothing specific that could be done.  They have carried out their support of him ... seeing physios, OTs, speach & language, mental health .... etc.  He can no longer stand by himself, but they have a "machine" to help him.  He has had a couple of small melt-downs, telling me he wants to die, but basically he is doing OK.

  • Jiffy is OK, he had his annual check-up, and the only problem was that he had put on a kilo ... but as he is getting on to nearly 10 that's OK.

  • My lounge and my bedroom now looks like proper rooms again.  But, only half my study is cleared so far.  However no one could stay in my spare room at present!

  • I have sorted a bit of the garden out ... it's all patio, but I got some new wood chips surround now, so that looks more cheerful.  All but one of the plants look very green already, but I lost one, so have bought something to replace it.

  • Healthwise I am feeling better, at long last.  That virus certainly flattened me.  It doesn't help because in the midst of all that my thyroid decided to slow down.  They are having a bit of a problem getting the dose right.

  • I am back at work 9-5 again.  I do 3 1/2 days a week, which is not great fro the bank balance, but at least I am enjoying the job, and if needed I can always do extra hours once I am more organised.

  • I have a missing front tooth still (I had damaged before I dissappeared).  The nerve has gone, and the root prepared, but I then got an infection so am on penicillin to sort that out, before the put the root post and tooth in/on.

  • I have a very sore hand today - I had a steroid injection yesterday for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.  I had the other one done 4 months ago, and no pain ... this one, OUCH!!

  • I bought the new Star Wars film on DVD and so have got to see it (complete with the big shock).  It was good to catch up, and then my eldest nephew and I had a text-chat about it, and the other films.

  • Sadly Nick has fallen out with me, big time.  (Thus this is f-locked)  He is upset that Mum left me her jewellery, but didn't leave him and Tim anything.  He therefore expected me to sell everything, and split things 3 ways.  Sadly I hadn't thought anything about it, as I don't count jewellery as monetry value.  Nick does have major health problems  .... both physical and mental.  He always used to blame Mum for all sorts of prblems, so it seems as if now she has died I have gained that.  He has said that he doesn't want any contact at all ... and I will admit that was more than painful.  Tim heard the argument, as it was via e-mail, but he just announced he didn't want to beinvolved.  So I suppose it is a good thing that I was bullied for so long as a teen ... I am used to being alone.

Well I think that's me roughly up to date ... seems boring considering how busy I seem to have felt!  I will try to keep up now.  I still have over 150 comments to answer, but I shall try to catch up with those, even though they are totally out of date now, but I don't want to just ignore people who made the effort to speak to me.

Group hugs !!
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