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MEME - Answer # 1

kalinda001 asked me in this MEME   

What's your favourite food? What is your favourite comfort food?

Well the simple answer to that is  sausage, chips and pickled onions! ... But please remember I am English so I mean pork sausages and fries in that answer.  2 years ago for my Birthday I ended up having that exact meal 5 times ... in 4 days!!  All my family and friends know waht i like!

Pudding is anything - I love fruit, anything with syrup, anything with pastry!

Comfort foot - Jam doughnuts, chocolate eclaire, strawberry mousse

And - although she didn't ask - 

It is (cheep) white wine, or strong tea (with full-fat milk and no sugar), pineapple juice or Mountain Dew (if I am in America - we can't get it here!)

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