Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Photo Friday - 1 ... Assorted Around Exeter

Wow, I am late with these.  I did take them on Friday, but with all the continued shifting of boxes, and furniture, life has been hectic.  Sadly I also wiped myself out by yesterday afternoon ... so much so I went to bed early, and slept through 2 alarms this morning.  So, by the time I woke up it was time that my Church service was finishing.  Oh, well, I obviously needed it.  As I said, life is hectic.

So, sorry, but I did warn you.  We are hoping to complete by the end of April.  My older furniture has now all gone, so Jiffy and I are tripping over boxes.  Most of the furniture will come on the 12th, so things can begin to be packed away!

So, today was an early lunch and a stroll with Jiffy ... and now I am going to post some things .... HOWEVER, I know I still owe lots of replies to comments.  I shall go see Dad and then get dinner cooking and hope to get some replies done on my pc, and this eve on my tablet ... fingers crossed.

So, a stroll through some of Exeter

I love how with the new developments you can still see the cathedral
 photo DSC_0793_zpstcamccxq.jpg
Love the contrast of the shop's name as it faces the Roman Wall!
 photo DSC_0792_zpsg8xyfd94.jpg
On the side of a car-park
 photo DSC_0791_zpsqulqafok.jpg
Jiffy trying to count how many shades of green he can see
 photo DSC_0789_zpsk5yuhzmg.jpg
One advantage of winter is that you can see the fascinating shapes within a tree
 photo DSC_0790_zpsi7iemimd.jpg

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