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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
30 Day Challenge Meme - Day 8 
1st-Apr-2016 12:03 pm
James - Q&A 2011
Three Things You Want To Say To Different People

This is the one tha I have seen many struggle with, and even without my hectic life I have been putting off answering it!!!  Oh well, here goes -

  1. One thing I am glad I did say, on a regular basis was, "I LOVE YOU" to Mum ... and I still say it to Dad.  I often say it to by brothers, as well, but will admit I don't often say it to my 4 nephews.  We are meeting up next week to move Dad's piano (etc), so I must say it to the 4 of them, then.

  2. There are a couple of people I pray for regularily, for their health and happiness.  But have never told either of them ... maybe I should (one especially knows how mad I already am!!)

  3. I suppose, overall, I wish I could speak to people who mean something to me.  I can chat to strangers, chat at work, but friends and family (and James) make me totally freeze ... so much so "hello" is all I manage.  I need to break through that incredible shyness ... but sadly doubt I ever will!

Yay, I managed it!
1st-Apr-2016 09:30 pm (UTC)
I am so glad you said I love you when it mattered. There is nothing worse than regret when it's too late.

1st-Apr-2016 11:02 pm (UTC)
overall, I wish I could speak to people who mean something to me

Sounds to me like you manage to say the most important thing -- see #1.
1st-Apr-2016 11:34 pm (UTC)
2. is complicated. On the one hand, you're thinking of them fondly and remembering them in a way that is very meaningful to you. On the other hand, if they're not co-religionists with you, or if they're not pray-ers, they may not know how to respond if you say you're praying for them.

If you don't know how they'd react to being told -- which may be the case since you haven't told them -- couching it as, "I think of you often and hope you are well and happy," could be the kind sentiment you want them to know. :)
2nd-Apr-2016 04:07 pm (UTC)
Saying I love you to the people you love is the most important thing.

Edited at 2016-04-02 04:07 pm (UTC)
3rd-Apr-2016 04:42 pm (UTC)
Expressing emotions verbally is very hard. Takes practice!
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