Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Photo (Good) Friday - R. D. & E.

Having not been around all week, as I started back at work (only 1/2 days, but still totally exhausting) I am now posting for the third time in less than 24 hours!

The weather is gorgeous today, so Jiffy and I went for a long walk, ut stayed local, as I wanted to get back to see Dad this morning.  Jiffy loves walking round the grounds of the hospital where I work.  It takes about 4 mins to be on hospital property, but sometimes he just decides to walk on the roads around the edge.  Today it was a bit in and out, but as it was Photo-Friday, you get a glimpse of where I work (and where Jiffy loves a wander and sniff). There are a few basic details here if you want a look.

Actually this is the front garden of a house opposite.
 photo DSC_0776_zpsf7amtavl.jpg
The RILD .... Research, Innovation, Learning and Developement.  Part of the new medical school, the building won an architectural award.
 photo DSC_0775_zpsasplgtdy.jpg
This is the entrance to the RILD
 photo DSC_0774_zps0su9wyhr.jpg
Near the bus stops is this seat made from a fallen tree.
 photo DSC_0773_zpswjufhq3g.jpg

 photo DSC_0772_zpsbu6junae.jpg
Main entrance (the dept I work in is seen in the background)
 photo DSC_0771_zpsx5sqhv7y.jpg
The PEOC (Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre) entrance ... the way I go in.
 photo DSC_0770_zpsge456wts.jpg

 photo DSC_0769_zpsehmf09rk.jpg
The road opposite, with the hospital on the left.
 photo DSC_0768_zpsx0jffwfl.jpg
The way I go in ... these are part of the residencies in the grounds
 photo DSC_0767_zpskhy1mexi.jpg

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