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Just Being Pampered!

When i arrived at DJ's this morning I had been planning to ride with Ros (seeing as it is wednesday), but by the time I had battled across his 2 fields ... He wasn't sheltering, but Conrad was and thay are obviously having a "friends" day today ... Then walked into the yard I was feeling slightly wind-swept, my hand was really hurting (even though I had a fleece lined glove on) and DJ was glaring around as the stable was rattling ...

So I phoned Ros and said - "Thanks, but no thanks!"

I am not great riding in the wind, although we get used to it.  I just decided that we had been too intermittant with work recently due to the 10 weeks off, and with my hand causing me a lot of grief - I decided, "better safe, than sorry" 

So - I set about giving him a good brush ... yes he was one dusty boy, obviously having decided that a mud overcoat was the best protection from the storm force winds.

Amazingly his tail and mane weren't too tangled - so lots of chatting, lots & lots of brushing - and a couple of stops for a cuddle we were done.

He had a carrot and his meal and back out into the wind and to tell his friends about his tough morning .... All together, now ... Awwhhh!!

This was taken last week - but gives you some idea of what a "clean" horse looks like ... LOL
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