Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Photo Friday

I didn't take many pics yesterday, but knowing I promised myself some photos at least it inspired to take those!

I went to see Dad yesterday, and thought you might like to see how he is doing -

I love it that they often put a tie on him, as he always dressed so smart.
 photo DSC_0765_zpsaosd6zn1.jpg

 photo DSC_0763_zpsbbbrru6k.jpg
As you can see his room is large. The picture above his head is an embroidery Mum did, and on the wall facing him are 2 paintings she did. It is their wedding photo that you can see on the windowsill. The other picture is one we bought as a family when on holiday in Spain.
 photo DSC_0766_zpstrs7nwi7.jpg

And, in all fairness this was taken today -

Jiffy and I had a lazy start ... He loves his pyjamas that Mum knitted for him about 5 years ago.  btw, that's my (single) bed, so you can see he does allow he to have a corner to sleep on!
 photo 6tag_190316-095014_zpsmagentzz.jpg

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