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A Lovely Walk

I had to go to M&D's this morning to collect paperwork (etc), as Tim and I are now Dad's deputies.  We have set up the bank account etc, so Tim is going to sort out bills, cancel the phone, etc.  There is a probability that we have sold the place, even though it's not yet on the market.  We were going to do a final sort out over Easter, as much as needed, but our neighbours, who are only renting are very interested in buying it.  So, we need to focus and get on with the work.

Anyway, as I am off work again for another week I went this morning.  I also collected a load of Mum's sewing stuff, so I can sort out what is good, and throw the rest.

As it's lovely here today, I took Jiffy with me.  He doesn't like going to his old house now, but he did love the fact that I took him to a park that he loves.  We have been there a few times with my friend from Church.  Jiffy + walk + views = camera!  There is a leaflet here if you want to see what there is.

So - share our stroll with us .....
Stover lake
 photo DSC_0737_zpscjicce3s.jpg

 photo DSC_0735_zpspjoneiad.jpg

 photo DSC_0727_zpsn3oyloxr.jpg
What lovely work
 photo DSC_0734_zpsyjdz38t9.jpg
I just love the clear reflections in the ponds surrounding areas
 photo DSC_0732_zpsepvlxlr9.jpg
This has been set up as an outdoor school area.
 photo DSC_0729_zpszqfol2sh.jpg

 photo DSC_0725_zpsspxtpepu.jpg
There are always lots of leaves to sniff!!
 photo DSC_0722_zpshmlcbv7g.jpg

And, as I type this, Jify is asleep behind me, hence the icon!
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