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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
30 Day Challenge Day 1 .... AKA Getting To Know Me!! 
7th-Mar-2016 02:47 pm
Spike - face + body + my name
As I said when I found this meme I would be doing it, although maybe not each day. However the following day teragramm started to "wake up" LJ, and so I am now using it to do an intro to those who don't me.

So for those who know me, you needn't read and get bored!

Hi - I'm Deborah, almost 55 and (now) living in Exeter, England. I work as an Auxilliary Nurse at the local large hospital. However until 5 years ago I worked as an osteopath in Bude, Cornwall, since the age of 22.

I am single and always have been. I like guys, but that is just my personal choice!!

The reason for the change of occupation was due to the fact my parents were getting older and needed me to live nearer. However for most of last year I cared for them both (although I worked a few hours here and there). My mum was a perfectionist, and until the last couple of years of her life she was a good friend. However age, encroaching blindness and illness made her even more jealous of my time than ever. (She always was a bit, in that I very rarely managed a weekend away from home). She died suddenly in September, and I am still trying to get to grips with it. The plan had been for me to move in with Dad, and work part-time. However the week after Mum's funeral he had a stroke. He then spent 6 weeks in hospital, and now lives in a super Care Home as his Alzheimer's got worse. However at 91, most of the time, he is looking relaxed and happy.

During those days I inherited their 9 year old Westie - Jiffy. He is learning to cope with my smaller house, and poor garden.

We are still sorting out Mum & Dad's house. They were hoarders, but there again, so am I!!

At present I am in week 7 of sick leave, of a viral chest infection. Although I work for the NHS, I am self-employed, so the bank balance isn't all that happy!! I suffer from a mild form of ME/CFS ... which is not helping me get over this virus. I was taken with this about 2 years ago ... so all in all I get very drained, very easily.

Anyway - me ....

My faith is very important to me. Hopefully people don't think I preach, but it is what I am ... a Christian. You will see bible-based posts, but always clearly labelled as such, so feel free to ignore.

I came to LJ via a later viewing of BtVS.  LJ has done may things for me ... but mostly I am a James Marsters fan.  I taught myself to make icons, and enjoy doing them for comps ... but can't get to grips with larger works. I have done some Spuffy fan-fics, but need to get back to that.

I love photography ... but tend to be lazy rather than doing "proper" stuff!!!  I love travelling ... even if it's only "up the road" from me.

I love jigsaws, some reading (Spuffy fan-fic, especially), crochet/knitting. I enjoy watching/reading about history (but not to a very, very deep level). I love watching some old films, TV shows .... I like 50's musicals, Cary Grant, Doris Day, etc. However I also enjoy the Marx Bros and Will Hay films!!

I play clarinet, and until 2 years ago I played in an amateur orchestra, but have been lax, so need to get back to that!

Yes, I'm a hoarder of "everything" ... but especially things with emotional or special memories.  But I also have loads of giraffes, of all sizes.

I was a horse rider/owner from the age of 35 to 50 ... hard work, but great fun.

I have 2 brothers, both of whom are married. One lives near me, the other near Bath and he has 4 teenage boys.

Well that's me ... You deserve a medal if you are still reading!!

I am aiming to get back to LJ more, as over the last couple of years I have had to be more absent than I used to be. At least this LJ-push has really pushed me as well.
7th-Mar-2016 04:53 pm (UTC)
It's nice to meet you. I commiserate with the hoarding parents passing the hoarding on. It took us months to clear out my mom and dad's house and that's with my younger brother and me taking a ton of their stuff home.
8th-Mar-2016 03:28 pm (UTC)
Yes, I am taking most of the stuff that my 2 brothers don't want.

Some of it's hard, as you know, to be emptying out your parents loved things ... but then seeing them around my place, and my brothers' makes it a new start.
8th-Mar-2016 03:58 pm (UTC)
My younger brother and I refer to our places as family museums :D
8th-Mar-2016 04:02 pm (UTC)
Maybe we should be able to charge people entrance fees!!!
7th-Mar-2016 05:01 pm (UTC)
Medal please! LOL

I didn't realise Nick lived near Bath, I have always assumed he lived closer to you than that.

8th-Mar-2016 03:30 pm (UTC)
A VC at the very least!

Yes, Nick lives in Midsommer Norton, so a bit of a drive away. He does come to see Dad each week though, which is lovely. (Tim is, now, a mile away)
7th-Mar-2016 05:05 pm (UTC)
I am glad to get to know you!

I am very sorry about the loss of your mother. I can only imagine how hard that is for you.

I hope your health improves soon.


8th-Mar-2016 03:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you.

In some ways I still find it hard to believe Mum has gone. With Dad being taken ill at the time he did, I had to focus on that rather than get my thoughts together.

I am feeling a bit better today, but feel I will probably need some more time off work.
7th-Mar-2016 05:09 pm (UTC)
I had to break a lot of my hoarding tendencies when we moved to the UK. Paying for your own shipping makes you heavily evaluate just how important that huge box of cards you own because you've held onto every card you've received since the age of five, lol.

Glad to have you on my flist now! :)
8th-Mar-2016 03:33 pm (UTC)
MMmmmmm, maybe that's what I need. I have a smallish house, but with a large shed I will still take more that I need and keep it (for a rainy day!!)
7th-Mar-2016 06:24 pm (UTC)
I don't think I knew how long you ride horses for!
8th-Mar-2016 03:36 pm (UTC)
It was one of those things I "fell into"!!! Both my starting time, and when I last rode was good timing for me.

I still miss Jaykub and DJ, but not the panic I never got over of a downhill gallop!

Do you still ride?
8th-Mar-2016 03:39 pm (UTC)
No - I had to stop because I was working full time and I ended up giving away all my riding gear to a friend with a couple of horses. I do miss it, but it's so expensive and I can't justify the cost these days.
8th-Mar-2016 03:41 pm (UTC)
I was spoilt with having work at a stables to pay for Jaykub, and then DJ lived at my friend's place.

Yes, looking at local stables ... Wow!
7th-Mar-2016 09:15 pm (UTC)
Hello, nice to meet you.

I'm going through some of the same things myself. My Dad passed away last October and my brother and I are dealing with cleaning out our parent's house (Mom died in 2006). And I took in his cat, who is named Cat, when he went into hospice care.

I hope you feel better soon.
8th-Mar-2016 03:38 pm (UTC)
It is hard to sort out the family's things isn't it? Although I try to be positive and say that these things mean that there are no regrets as you go further.

Thank you - today I am actually a little better, although still feel I need some more time off work.
7th-Mar-2016 10:50 pm (UTC)
I lost my mum unexpectedly in September and I'm still trying to deal with that so I know how that goes. You have my sympathies
8th-Mar-2016 03:39 pm (UTC)
It is hard.

I think I am still quite numb. It was, I know, made worse by the illness of my Dad immediately after Mum's funeral.

I have lots of memories, and they help - I hope that you have the same *hugs*
8th-Mar-2016 07:03 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry for your loss! I hope Jiffy doesn't miss them too much!
9th-Mar-2016 03:36 pm (UTC)
Jiffy did have a bad time, although I have always spent weekends at home, so he was at least happy with me. But his routine is so changed, I don't know whether if that helps him or not.

But he is happy now, I hope.
9th-Mar-2016 09:06 pm (UTC)
I'm sure he is. :) We took over our dogs from a relative to my husband who couldn't keep them due to ill health. Teddie transitioned without problems, but Tom, who was extremely attached to his old master was a bit depressed. The first time Tom met him after the move he refused to eat for two days. But now he has transferred his attachement to me and though both dogs still gets deliriously happy when they get to visit their old home, they seem happy to go back home with us too.
10th-Mar-2016 02:42 pm (UTC)
Jiffy loves seeing Dad, so I take him about once a week. He never looked for Mum, as he saw her at the time that she was taken into hospital.
10th-Mar-2016 02:43 pm (UTC)
I'm sure that must be great for your dad too!

Dogs can be so smart sometimes. :)
11th-Mar-2016 01:39 pm (UTC)
My mom has hoarding tendencies as well. We currently live together, as equals, so I'm able to tamp it down a bit but her room is her room to do what she wants with. I grew up in situations that would have made child protective services take me away, no doubt, but she's gotten better. Kinda.
11th-Mar-2016 04:21 pm (UTC)
Hello! :) Nice to meet you, or sort of meet you, anyway.
This must be the prettiest journal I've seen all day, visually.
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