Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Friday Photos 1 - Exeter City Wall

Wow, photobucket actually uploaded my photos .... so why they fell out with me a couple of weeks ago, I don't know.  Jiffy and I went on the bus into the city again yeasterday.  We were heading in a different direction, so although we again saw the wall, it is in a different area (In fact we ended up walking along the top of it!)

Looking from the wall, across to where we normally walk (and have shared photos)
 photo DSC_0697_zpskh7ubb4n.jpg

 photo DSC_0698_zpsokopw3oc.jpg

 photo DSC_0700_zpsxqtmn1yj.jpg

 photo DSC_0701_zpsqw77fw40.jpg

 photo DSC_0699_zpsrytsldkz.jpg

 photo DSC_0702_zpsc7iopa7t.jpg
Tags: camera, exeter, jiffy, photo friday

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