Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Last Week's Photo Friday!

As I said last week, I had problems with Photobucket .... and in the end took spikereaders suggestion and have used Flickr  ... at least they upload, but cant work out how to post more than one photo at a time.  However I have the photos here now ... so at least I am a day ahead of tomorrow when the next are due!

I had gone to Newton Abbot area to take Jiffy for his bi-monthly haircut. I spent some time at Mum & Dad's, then went for a walk ...

Newton Abbot Cemetary
I went to see my friend Christine's mum grave.  I hadn't gone to see it, but now we will have to start thinking about Mum's grave I thought I would see what Cristine chose for her mum.
The view from Esther's grave.
WWII graves


Jiffy loves lying on his back ... at least in the before photo he is "decent"!!

Tags: camera, cemetery, christine, jiffy, newton abbot, photo friday

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