Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Photo Friday ... Well Not Quite!

Even though I have had a crumby week ... not being able to breathe, at all.  I have had the best of help from the docs, as far as it goes.

I have been tested for Pulmonary Embolisms, Heart Attack, Blood disease ... but all OK.  So, in so many ways that's good news.  Still have a headache and can't breathe as well as I should, but as a great friend pointed out, I have had a physically tough 2 years and last year was very emotionally stressful, as well.  So really I just need time to chill - Thanks Deb, I think that's what I am agreeing with, and my GP said it sounded feasible.

BTW, I couldn't get hold of Tim and Claire on Monday when there was a strong possibility I would be staying in hospital, but my neighbour saw me as I was coming back from the docs, and "stole" Jiffy! He had a great time. They have a one year old, and in the afternoon they went to another town to have a walk along a beach! I think he was quite upset that I didn't have to stay in hospital!!

Anyway I had to go to the solicitors again on Friday, to sign an insurance policy for Dad's account.  So I took Jiffy in and we had a lovely long, slow walk ... so I have photos.  However, Photobucket is again being unhelpful, so I will post them when I can win the argument with my pc!!
Tags: dad, ill, jiffy

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