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How To Make A Fool Of Yourself In One Easy Lesson!!

Just copy DJ - what a twit!!
We went out this morning for a very cold ride - a bit of snow on the ground as we left with Toni riding Badger and leading Junior - and then up the road met up with Ros and Rags.

After about a mile Toni turned back for home and Ros and I continued on our way - re-tracing an old route to begin with before turning onto another new road.  Here we trotted up the hill, past an abandoned house - that still looked in good condition - so it was worth speculating as to whether it was Miss Haversham's country home.

At the top of the hill there was a car waiting by a passing place - so Ros and Rags passed.  When it was our turn DJ decided it was time to stop to leave a "parcel" - well the call of nature was obviously upon him.  Well, just as he lifted his tail the car started moving - fine, except for the fact that his droppings landed in a puddle - thus splashing him ... At which point he panicked and launched up the road!!  WHAT A TWIT!!

The rest of the ride was fairly OK - although he kept looking around to see what else was going to attack him!!

Poor Boy - Maybe the cold had frozen his brain, as much as it did my toes!
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