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You Have Been Warned!

kazzy_cee has made me think (shock!!) as she is posting more things that make her happy (as a lot of us did last year).  I keep saying I am going to post more, then the virus kicks back as it has this wee (I even had to take a day off work, I felt so rough).

I have also said that I want to get some more photos done ... and slowing get back to experimenting with my camera ... so ...

I have decided to combine the two and on my Friday or Saturday day off, Jiffy and I are going to take the camera with us on our walk.

So yesterday (I know it was Thursday but I had the day off to see the doctor, so went for a walk while the sun was shining) we went to the cemetary where Mum is resting.  The photos will be up later.

Exeter Higher Cemetery

Entrance to the Higher CemeteryIt was obvious that the new cemetery would not be sufficient and on 26th May 1866. Higher Cemetery was consecrated by the former Bishop of Colombo the Right Reverend James Chapman, as Bishop Philpott's was indisposed. The turn out was poor as the weather was'very disagreeable'. Robert Veitch and Son were employed to landscape the 6 acres of cemetery, and a lodge and two chapels designed by Edward Ashworth (buried in the cemetery) were built of Heavitree stone. Four and half acres were set aside for the established church and one and a half for dissenters. Higher Cemetery contains two War Memorials, one oval shaped the First World War in front of one of the chapels and one in the North East corner of the cemetery for the Second World War. There are a number of graves of German airmen, shot down over England, as well as servicemen from Southern Rhodesia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand and Poland. By the Long Valley Path there can be found three rows of graves of victims of the Exeter blitz on the 24th April the 4th May and the 30th December 1942. See World War Memorials for all the war memorials including those in Higher Cemetery.

Well it looks like I will have to go back as I didn't get to see all the famous sites ... watch this space!
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