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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
Charlemagne Bolivar Icons 
23rd-Jan-2016 03:16 pm
Charlemagne Bolivar
At last I have completed another set of 20 icons. I have made them for episodes20in20 ... and if I am going to pick an episode, then it has to be one with James in, doesn't it?

So, these are from Andromeda 2.09 Into the Labyrinth. I enjoy the early series, but this episode truly has to be the best (I wonder why?!!!)

Here are my 3 teasers -

 photo Cat 2_zpslz8tmrzd.jpg      photo Sideways_zpsydgcawod.jpg        photo Guest Star_zpsvfkge8pf.jpg


Faceless Friends Outdoors Main Character Mini Picscam
 photo Faceless_zps0ojr39mr.jpg  photo Friends_zpsgnzljjth.jpg  photo Outdoors_zpspsuomiyi.jpg  photo Main character_zpspofptrzq.jpg  photo mini picspam_zpsge4qjw5d.jpg
Large Text Neon Provided Texture Sideways Guest Star
 photo Large Text_zps9jgbzqex.jpg  photo Neon_zpsp4szz3fn.jpg  photo Provided Texture_zpszvpm6sip.png  photo Sideways_zpsydgcawod.jpg  photo Guest Star_zpsvfkge8pf.jpg

Category - Level Up

Category #1 Category #2 Category #3 Category #4 Category #5
 photo Cat 1_zpscwzmutvd.jpg  photo Cat 2_zpslz8tmrzd.jpg  photo Cat 3_zpswumz5z8j.jpg  photo Cat 4_zpsd3mnfo8a.jpg  photo Cat 5_zpswlwplvzj.jpg

Artist's Choice

AC #1 AC #2 AC #3 AC #4 AC #5
 photo AC 1_zpsxajxhghb.jpg  photo AC 2_zpsdu6tf29x.jpg  photo AC 4_zpszgt2yu4e.jpg  photo AC 3_zpsj0tw6lae.jpg

And, an extra

 photo AC 5a_zpsrunfs7iq.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable, although credit would be nice. The credits for the brushes and textures can be found at my icon journal ... d4s_icons

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