Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just Waiting For Dinner To Cook!

As ever I seem to have loads of comments to catch up with - I will ... I promise (just may not be today)

First day back at work - first full day for many months ... so am really tired.  Thankfully I have tomorrow off.  As of next week I shall be doing an extra day a week (3 1/2), so not a lot compared with most, but having had a year where it was rare for me to work the 2 1/2, it will seem a lot.  The dept has given me a clinic to work in (plus a pay rise).  I am on a 6 month temporary contract, still employed via the Bank, so that is just great.

Saw Dad yesterday, and he is slowly settling.  Nick was coming down today, but I shall go in tomorrow and de-Christmas his room.  I need to do my own lounge as well.

Did any other Brits see War & Peace last night ... was it me tired, or was it a bit of a muddle?  Oh well, I shall try again next week and see if things fall into place better.

Well I can hear the buzzer so looks like I need to get to the kitchen.

Happy January 4th!!!
Tags: dad, tv, work

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