Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Still Alive - I Think!

SORRY - I haven't looked at my friends list fror ages, I have comments dating back since Mum's funeral I haven't answered ... and yet I do miss you all.  I am hoping once the New Year settles I shall be able to get back to you all, and to my art work ... and maybe even some writing.

Quick update -

  • I managed to lose a front tooth last week (T&C took me out to Sunday lunch, and the peas fought back!!)  As it was a crown I managed to get it done again, the next day.  I had wondered as I had damaged the post, but Monica did wonders.  So I can smile again.

  • I have been "home hunting" for dad ... How depressing most of them are.  I did question in my mind if all the residents of one home were drugged.  However we all decided we want the best for dad.  Seeing as he is moving to be near me and Tim, it is a city ... so expensive.  However much we tried to talk our way to something cheeper, we just couldn't.  The manager will see Dad this afternoon, so hope it goes OK.  The home, while expensive, is a new purpose built unit for dementia, based on a 5* spa hotel.

  • So as well as sorting out Mum's stuff and the loft, I now have to sort out Dad's ... pictures, books, clothes, ornaments etc.

  • I also have to move all my stuff to my place.  I have always had a bedroom at M&D's ... 50:50 for everything, so that needs to change.

  • So far Nick, Tim & myself haven't fallen out over china, etc ... Only one item is wanted by all 3 of us and it is the bowl we saved up to buy them for their silver wedding in 1977.

  • Jiffy is fine ... well, biting his toes, but Marni says it is stress.  As my ecxma is back, I'm not surprised.

  • I have almost finished Dad's Christmas cards ... then I have to start on my own.

  • We have sorted Christmas ... will update as it happens (I hope)

Well I am sure there is more, as I haven't seemed to stop.

SORRY, again ... miss you
Tags: brothers, dad, dentist, jiffy, moving, mum, residential home, vet
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