Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Truly An Answer To Prayer

Yet again I need to apologise for my lack of participation ... But as ever life is hectic.

Dad is up and down, as sadly he picked up a sickness bug.  His mobility is slightly better - he has problems standing up, but once up with a frame and help he moves quickly.  His right arm is much better and he is gradually learning to  feed himself with his right hand.  However his short term memory is pretty non-existant.  When he speaks his words are very confused, which is hard to us all.  He chats away, but it is hard to know what about.  The Rehab hospital is great, but last week we had a meeting as a first step on the future.  Tim was all for sorting out a home ... to "help" me.  The hospital were great with me at talking through the possibility of him coming home as it was what I had hoped for.  Although my head could see all the worries, my heart didn't want to feel that I was throwing him out of his house.

However this afternoon when I was seeing Dad he was very clear and talked of the future ... and wanted to go to a place where he is cared for all the time, as home is no longer home.

So, sad to see we are at thispoint, but so wonderful that he was clear in what he wanted for us both ... Thank you God for answered prayer.

I now have a house to sort out!  ... And loads of LJ to catch up on!
Tags: care home, dad, stroke
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