Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

10 Days On

Sorry I have been missing, but as my last post said, Dad had a massive stroke.

His speach was slurred and vague, he couldn't move his right leg, and nurses moving it caused pain, and he couldn't move his right arm, and his fingers were clenched tight.

Now, 11 days later I can post a photo I took yesterday ... He still has a long way to go, but has recovered from the pneumonia he also developed and has been moved to a rehab unit.  He walks (with a frame and 2 supporters), and can now just about get a spoon to his mouth with his right hand.  His speach s fine, although his memory is still muddles ... but add Alzheimer's, mum's death and the stroke, it's not suprising.

 photo Dad_zpsbz7pesuc.jpg

Sorry I haven't been around, but my CFS has kicked in, and with walking Jiffy and visiting twice a day, me-time is non-existant.

As I type this I am surrounded by boxes as Nick and Dan (17) came down last Saturday morning to empty the loft.  Tim had kept talking about it, but that was as far as it got ... so now I have to sort - Auction, keep, charity, recycle and dump!

So, I know I have loads of comments to reply to, but just don't have time.  I shall try and rig Mum's laptop up so as I sit in the evening for an hour I can catch up with you all.

Also - special thanks to 2 very special people ... it truly meant a lot  *hugs*
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, dad, ill, stroke

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