Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

One Week On

.... And I still feel in limbo.

I suppose keeping Dad focused and OK is taking a lot out of me, although I feel guilty to say that as there is only him my focus is slightly easier.  I think for both of us, it is hard to believe that Mum has died, because last Jan she spent almost a month in hospital, so I keep expecting to get a date for her to come home.

We met with Tim at the funeral directors, and that was not as hard as I expected.  Although it felt weird to be buying a plot in a cemetary, it somehow didn't seem wrong fro the 3 of us to talk about what wood |Mum would want her coffin veneered in.

This afternoon I am off to the solicitors (a friend of Tim ... and he will be there).  The wills are old so Dad and I are executors.  Sadly Mum spoke of re-writing last year, so I know what she had wanted, but never got it done.  The other reason for the appt is that I have to be made Dad's Power of Attourney.  Mum had never wanted it to happen as it would upset the boys, but now we have a double tragedy to sort out.

Tomorrow Dad, Jiffy and I are going to my place again ... it's a tip.  We are meeting my best friend and her husband and they are going to help me sort out the spare room again.  Nick & Tim want to just sell this house, but I am going to do this in stages.  I hope to get to work for a couple of mornings a week (to start with), which means the 3 of us staying overnight in Exeter ... thus the room clear!  I don't know if Dad will cope, if not I will re-think.

Finally I want to thank you for the lovely comments you left ... I am going to reply to them (and previous comments) over the next couple of days.  Like when Jaykub died I have been suprised by those who care ... and those who don't!

Thanks for listening.


On a slightly different note (but not!), I am trying to get back to some artwork from time to time ... to take my mind off the eulogy I have to write is the reason at the moment! So, thought I would sign up for a new comm .... I don't know how good I shall be, but I need my escape challenge ...

tvlims| Season 1 Sign ups.
Tags: dad, family, funeral, mum, rip

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