Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Mount Edgecumbe 1

Christine (from Church) and I drove to Cornwall to visit Mount Edgecumbe.  It is a Tudor house set in council owned grounds.  The house was gutted during the war, but the walls were pretty OK, so it was re-built after the war.  We had a great time ... lunch and then visiting the house first ....

View from the front door - The Tamar, and Plymouth
 photo DSC_0302_zpsbbbfiwjd.jpg
The front door
 photo DSC_0303_zpsdj99m0jb.jpg
Guess who ... Christine & Yours-truly
 photo DSC_0304_zpslop1utac.jpg

 photo DSC_0319_zps5gq3ejnw.jpg

 photo DSC_0321_zpsdhclsguy.jpg

 photo DSC_0324_zpsrvgauevn.jpg
A modern day tourist, cooler clothes than the last outfit.
 photo DSC_0335_zpswxmrgcc5.jpg
The heather bank
 photo DSC_0338_zpsjyihl2r6.jpg
Tags: camera, christine, cornwall, holiday 2015, plymouth
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