Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

At Long Last

Well I am still coughing, still very sore from all the coughing ... and still tired, but I went to work again on Monday, and will do again tomorrow.  I realised that in the past when the bugs have taken over I have just slept for 3 days and nights.  Now with Mum & Dad, I can't.  Still, I have managed to rest quite a bit ... so am slowly healing.

I did manage to go out with my friend Christine to take Jiffy for a walk last week.  We go to Stover park, and there are lots of things for Jiffy to sniff!  I did take some photos but they are not uploaded on this computer ... I will try and get some pics up tomorro when I have a few spare minutes at my place.

Last Saturday, Nick, Brenda and the boys came for lunch (more photos).  M&D didn't know, so it was hectic, but a nice suprise.

Mum is still not doing well, which means Dad isn't so good either, as she tends to take out her frustrations on him.  On a posiive note she has "discovered " Johnny Cash Gospel Music, so that gives her a positive way to spend time, as she tends to sleep or "drift" the rest of the time.

I have chosen one song for my funeral ... I shall go out to this -


I know I owe some replies, but will try to catch up soon
Tags: ill, johnny cash, mum and dad, nick and brenda, you tube

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