Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Trying To Keep My Promise To Update .....

Life is as hectic as ever.

Mum had problems getting out of the bath, so I helped ... helped her to break 2 ribs!

Dad had a good Father's Day, as Tim & Claire came over for afternoon tea.  It was nice to see Mum & Dad chatting and relaxed.  As ever I was busy ... as if Mum is OK I shall go to work, so I needed to get all the food done.  Anyway, thought you would like to see the picture I took for Instagram this morning -

 photo safe_image_zpsm3mkotxr.jpg

As to other news, Jiffy needs an op .... he has a polyp on the inside of his bowel (near his bottom). Once he has had the lump removed it will have to be biopsied. So we have a bit of a worrying wait ahead of us.
Tags: camera phone, dad, fathers day, jiffy, mum
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