Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Blue Screen .... Let's Start Again

Firstly, yes I did end up with a blue screen on my pc, so although I am only here briefly, I can't catch up, or do some art work.

So the pc is off to repair. Luckily I had the extended warranty as it was on special offer when I bought the machine. There was only a few weeks to go so I was very lucky. The other great thing is that after all my absence over this last year, I had bought cloud storage .... so at least I know I haven't lost anything.

I have also decided to be a very, VERY bad girl and delete most of my inbox, as the replies I owe are from ages ago. So if you asked anything, then please forgive me ... and re ask. I just think that it was a bit silly to comment on comments that you won't remember posting in the first place. So I will re-set my journal .... and promise to keep up from now on.

Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to have an hour's rest each afternoon that has really helped. I still get tired but at least I don't feel I am about to collapse. So good news.

Mum and Dad continue to potter along, although both are that bit worse, both physically and mentally. I do make sure that Jiffy has some fun each day. We have a good walk .... nice for us both.

Well I think that's me up to date, as nothing changes for me. When I am at mum and dad s I will try and get the photos posted from my day out a few weeks ago.

Group hugs .... and apologies again.
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, computer, jiffy, mum and dad

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