Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

I Am Still Alive!!

Sorry I have been missing .... life is as hectic as ever.

Mum and Dad are not doing as well, with Mum not coping with Dad, and trying to do more so she gets tired.  Then she loses her memory a bit, and things go downhill.  Dad finds his vocabulary has decreased a bit, which makes life that much harder.

My ME has kicked in more.  I try to get a few minutes extra resting, but sometimes it just means I have to cut out the few hours I work.  The department is great, and I only leave after clinics are finished ... so they are happy.

Jiffy has had a bad ear infection ... so he is happy to have had a chance to go to the vets a couple of times.  He does love everything there.

I have managed to practice my clarinet a few times.

The garden is doing well .... so hard work, but it is nice to be out in the fresh air.

Sorry I haven't updated recently, or caught up with replies, but life tends to take over, and the few evenings I sit with mum and dad watching TV means a bit of a chance to unwind.  With mum not being able to see much, I tend to have to focus on the show ... we are watching through The Waltons .... it is interesting to rewatch the series.

Well I must get this finished as it's time to read the Bible for mum and dad, and then get them (and Jiffy) a cup of cocoa.

Will try to catch up soon, promise.

Miss you

Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, clarinet, gardening, jiffy, mum and dad, rl, work
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