Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

So Much For My "Me-Time"

Sorry I have been MIA .... but life is hectic. Mostly in the fact that I have been having a relapse and seem to be spending much of my time feeling sore and having some increased tiredness. Wednesdays are usually "me" time, as it gives me a chance to spend on the computer, catching up with my frieends on LJ and even doing some art work.

But, as I started this note, I have had a rough couple of weeks ... not as bad as in the past as I was able to go out on a trip with my friend from Church on Monday ... photos to follow.  Anyway, yesterday I ended up leaving work early and going to bed for (in theory) an hour ... but woke up to grab something to eat, and then fell asleep until this morning!  So nothing done, but it will have done me good.

Anyway there are a few points that I must share since I last wrote ...

  • Mum had a breast clinic check-up, and she is progressing well. They have extended her next appt to 6 months.

  • Shock, I cleaned the inside of my car ... first time in forever!

  • Dad's memory is not so great, and sadly he knows it, which has made it more stressful.

  • Jiffy has to go to the vets tomorrow ... he has a poorly ear, so I have promised him a visit to see his friends .... Yes, he loves going to the vets.

  • Yet another skill I have learned is that of homemade wine .... Dad has made red wine from kits for years as he has had one glass a day for years, since having a TIA back in 1990.

So a short summary, and apologies for the lack of contact.  Mum has lent me her laptop to use in an evening, so I shall have to download my art programme!!  I can't use dad's pc as I used to because when watching TV, mum needs help with who is on the screen etc.  So, this way I hope to get a bit of art done.

PS - Guess who the picture is of on the icon?
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, jiffy, mum and dad, personal, rl

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