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Wow - I Managed To Do A 12th!!

As I have my one evening off of the week, I was planning on another mini update, and realised that yesterday was the 12th ... so will do that instead.  As it was a day at Mum & Dad's it will give friends an idea of what a "non-work" day is!  Writing here and linking to monthlydiaryday means I only have to type once!!

May 12th

My friends know I am now a carer, pretty much all the time.  I still work a few hours a week, but yesterday was, as I like to put it, a day off work!

Since my parents have not been so great, on the 5 nights I sleep there (I do have my own room there anyway) their dog sleeps on my bed.  So 7.30 I was "kissed" awake, by a Westie wanting to "spend a penny"!!

So we were up, Jiffy went out and I got Dad's breakfast and pills organised.  I made myself tea, before going to sit back in bed to drink it, then have breakfast.

Once I knew Mum & Dad were up, and Mum had got organised I took Jiffy for a walk.  We came home via the pharmacy to drop off Mum's weekly prescription.  I also bought a couple of tomato plants from the florist.

Then home and I helped Mum set up extra lights for a sewing project she is doing (she is actually registered blind); then Dad (jiffy) & I went into the front garden to do some work.  After an hour we came in, Dad to read, and me to get lunch.  Well, actually 2 lunches as I was preparing lunch for today as well (I am away today).

After lunch, Mum & Dad had a sleep and I did some cleaning in my bedroom.  Once they were awake I went out into the back garden abd did some gardenning for about a couple of hours (Dad did mow the lawn for me.)  Dad took Jiffy for his walk, then I had Jiffy supervising me!

And so in to get tea, and make tomorrow's lunch.  After tea, washing up etc, it was time to relax.

We sat down and watched a couple of DVD episodes of The Walton's.  I then did a Bible reading & prayer, make them cocoa (all 3 of them!!), and watched an episode of Dad's Army, before settling everyone then heading out to my place.

Needless to say I was then too tired to fall asleep!
Tags: carer, gardening, housework, jiffy, mum and dad, the 12th

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