Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

31 Day Meme - Day 3

Your Favourite Television Programme

Yes, I love BtVS, but have still to see Angel! I love the series, for more reasons than I can list. A great story, good characters you can love and hate ... and James Marsters!

The first series I truly loved was Blakes 7 ... the first TV series I became involved in fandom with. Reading a bit of fan-fic, as well as joining the fan club.

Avon, is my favourite character ... and maybe you can see why -

Other series I love are -
Star Trek, Voyager
Stargate SG1
Vampire Diaries

As well as some mini series, such as Wish Me Luck, Danger UXB,

Tags: blakes 7, btvs, mash, meme, star trek voyager, tv

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