Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Tim & Claire's Silver Wedding Anniversary.

Yes, it was a good time.  Brenda and I managed not to poison anyone.  It was just a relaxing family day ... although there were a few tears choked while we listened to a recording of them taking their vows, especially as Dad was the person who married them.

Anyway, here are a few of the family photos -
Tim & Claire
 photo DSC_0100 1_zpsg352r2yr.jpg

 photo DSC_0070_zpso9rqlhup.jpg

 photo DSC_0067_zpsvwchegwu.jpg

The original wedding party - Chief bridesmaid, parents of the groom, bride & groom, best man photo DSC_0085_zpsizli8cxb.jpg

The "original" family
 photo DSC_0084_zpsycf70ugv.jpg

My boys
Tom (15), Tim, Dan (17), Joey (in front - 12), Andrew (19), Nick
 photo DSC_0094_zpshkigntlj.jpg

Nick & Brenda
 photo DSC_0077_zpsvpughhhc.jpg

All the family photo DSC_0088_zpsm7mwqaeb.jpg

Makes me look very fat, as I can't do the back up ... but this is the original bridesmaid dress.
 photo DSC_0107_zpso3qfumwf.jpg
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