Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

So Much For The Bank Holiday Weekend

I spent the "spare" time gardening with Dad. We have been working on cutting back the hedge that wasn't touched last year. Sadly the ivy has attacked again ... so quite a bit of dead stuff to remove ... Jiffy is happy as it means he can keep tabs on the neighbourhood cat easier 🙌

I have been getting bad at keeping up to date ... I am sorry. I have loads of photos to post .... will try and get them up tomorrow as it's my evening in Exeter.

As I haven't had much chance time to make icon sets I have decided to sign up for historamedy365 .... and do two sets of 100 in the year. So later today I shall be posting my link charts on my icon journal. I am doing BtVS and Blakes 7 .... so the two series I have loved for ages.

It was lovely to attend Easter morning Communion with Dad ... such a special day to celebrate a special memorial service. Both Mum and Dad enjoyed their meal .... I even made a simple pudding. So a nice day.

Mum is not doing too well ... she can't sleep but doesn't want "more" pills ... I am trying to persuade her to at least speak to her doctor.

I am doing a lot better ... still in pain from the mid back down. But my arms and shoulders are much easier. I find my breathing easier and stamina much, much better. I very rarely get the sudden overwhelming tiredness, so that has been a wonderful improvement. The cranial treatment is slowing working.

Well I must get on ... I will try to catch up with comments later. Miss you.
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, easter, gardening, icons, jiffy, mum and dad, osteopath

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