Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Can't Wait For Book 16

It's called "Peace Talks" ...... and I just can't wait.

I have just re-read Changes, Ghost Story and Cold Days .... and now am listening to Skin Game, having read it when it was first published.

It is a great story (and, yes, the narrator helped me to get into the story), but I enjoy how the characters have gradually developed, and how the stories are individual, but building to one overall epic.

So what do I want to find out about .....

Yes, I want Harry and Karrin to get together ... but what interests me is how they would both react to a soul-gaze.

I wonder when Ebenezer will work out that he has two grandsons. And how they will all cope with that fact. I am surprised that Thomas didn't work something out at Chichin Itza .... although maybe he did and then when he was mourning his brother things got forgotten.

I do wonder if Karrin will persuade Harry to really get to know Maggie.

Do Michael and family know about Mollie? And, if so, how are they dealing?

Hope we learn more about Mouse.

How is Capt Hook getting on?

So .... any more wishes you would like to see?
Tags: dresden files, james

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