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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
1/6 Of The Year Gone 
2nd-Mar-2015 09:09 pm
Spike - Touched
.... Where did it go?

The last couple of weeks has been as hectic as ever. Mum and Dad seem as muddled as ever. As lost as ever. It's hard to see them like this. Mum is sure every day is Saturday, neither of them can remember how to use a phone (luckily their neighbours are great), they forget pills, etc

So hard to deal with, and harder to know they are my parents.

I spend 2 1/2 days at work, but only one night at my place, so I don't get much chance to even turn on my pc (I am so glad that I have my tablet) .... I have signed up for one set of icons, but whether I shall get a chance to complete them.

As well as the "normal" things I do ... I have added extra gardening for him, cleaning brass and silver, as it's Tim and Claire's Silver Wedding Anniversary at the end of the month. They invited themselves, Nick and family, for a day .... so, surprise, surprise, more for me.

Hope all is well with you all.
3rd-Mar-2015 01:59 pm (UTC)
Busy lives is no excuse. It's a cop out. Your life is just as busy and they need to help you. This is the same excuse my mom use to give my brother. He has a family, he has a job, which meant he is a man so it isn't his problem to be there for her. Why do you have to carry the weight while they get to slide? Your time is just as important as theirs. Nope, not letting that be an excuse. Your parent raised all of you. All of you should be involved in caring for them now.

This form of thinking and justifying is common. My family did it to me. Tommy's family does it to him. And Robert's family does the same. Robert and I pulled away from our families to ease it. Now Mary is taking over Robert's life and shoving me out the door. Robert is wrapped up in love and can't see it right now. I am afraid he will trap himself in this and be too honorable to walk away when it finally realizes it. That is what happened to me with my husband. I just took the abuse and stayed. I don't want that for Robert, but it's his choice.
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