Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Mum Update 3

Still not got time to reply to comments - but please be assured that your love and support means a lot.

It has been a tough week, but ended on a fairly positive note.

Last week Mum was still very muddled, and not accepting help, so I had to make the decision to give up work to come home to look after her (& Dad, of course).  She was still very week as well, so it looked as if I would need a lot of work done at the house.  So, my cleaning increased (!!!) ... and as the week progressed Mum got a little easier.

However yesterday she suddenly got uite a bit stronger, and today they brought her from the hospital for an hour to show that she could walk up and down staires, and make a cuppa .... normally this is done at the hospital, but they decided to bring her home so that she didn't have the extra problems of her lack of sight.  She passed the tests!  She should be home in a couple of days now.

So now I am looking at working less hours, and next week getting into work, but commuting from here, so I am around as much as I can. as well as trying to get some of my life back.

As you can guess my own symptoms are bad ... I know that my faith in God is holding me at this time.  It is Him that has given me the strength to survive the stress and work that I have had to do.

I miss LJ, but will try to get back to you soon ... although next week, as well as the commute I still have Christmas decs to take down and pack away!

Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, ill, mum

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