Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Mum Update 2

Still here at Torquay, Dad and Jiffy sitting ... Mum still in hospital.

She is better than she was ... her temp has at long last begun to stabalise.  However she is very physically week and emotionally low, which is to be expected after the 3 weeks she has had.

Dad continues to keep well, which is lovely to see.  As does Jiffy.

I hurt!  Mum had banned me from cleaning her room, bathroom and inside kitchen cabinets, so am aiming to get them done in my "spare" time!  Needless to say they have not been easy.

Thank you for all your comments and wishes ... but as ever am rushing to get another letter written, and a couple of phone calls done, so don't have time to comment.  I will comment one day, I promise .... they have meant a lot.

Group *hugs*

Off again!!
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, dad, ill, mum
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