Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,


Just a quick note to keep you up to date ...

Mum was taken ill with a cough + ?urine infection on New Years Day, and I nursed her at home for 3 days as she got worse ... having Doctors out, plus paramedics a couple of times where I couldn't move her - she went "off legs" Sunday afternoon and admitted to Torbay hospital Sunday eve/Monday morning. She had a high +++ temperature and they think it is flu ... she is muddled and very limp ... so tough going ... and for Dad, who, so far is coping. Having had 15 loads of washing in 2-3 days I am worn out, but am OK-ish ... had an early night yesterday which helped.

Am off work now, so will see how things pan out.

Hope your New Year started better!!

My internet access is vague, so won't really be able to keep up with you all. (Off to do more ironing!)
Tags: chronic fatigue syndrome, dad, ill, mum, new year

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