Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The Year Ends As It Starts!

Guess who is waiting to check in with my doctor to get some cough suppressant!  Yes, I started another virus on Christmas Day, however the rest of my Christmas was much better than I had expected, so I am not upset.

The week before Christmas was hectic as Mum was ill.  Dad actually began to fight back from his downward spiral of memory loss, which was great to see ... and amazing that he was able to return to an improved state (not 100% by any means, but a lot better than he had been)

As I had shopped for Mum, taken Dad shopping and done their cards and joint Christmas shopping I hadn't expected a pressie at all ... but Tim & Claire had noticed this and phoned up and did their shopping ... so I had pressies!

Of course, so did Jiffy ... he loves Christmas, and even gets excited about undoing his new coat and a new lead!

 photo DSC_0491_zpse3e3877c.jpg

 photo DSC_0496_zps7f8a77f3.jpg

I managed to not poison anyone, and everyone seemed to enjoy dinner photo DSC_0490_zpsb0bf6b78.jpg

We saw the Queen's speach ... and then had fun undoing our pressies.  I think this year everyone liked what they got ... no sellers on eBay!

 photo DSC_0495_zps96b57361.jpg

 photo DSC_0494_zps514b45fb.jpg

Boxing Day ended up as a truly lazy day, and then on the 27th we went to Tim & Claire's for lunch, and afternoon tea.  We normally stay till late, but this year changed it slightly and it seemed more relaxed that way.

 photo DSC_0508_zpsb8cd380c.jpg

 photo DSC_0511_zps1102f894.jpg

 photo DSC_0509_zps87916ae0.jpg
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