Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

Just A Catch-Up

Life has been a bit tough over the last week again - don't know why, but when I am feeling good I will admit I am trying to get back my life.  I am trying to do things a bit at a time, honest, but I suppose sometimes I do a  bit too much.  However it is good for me mentally, which is truly important ... especially as Mum & Dad are not too good, so things are stressing me.

I do know that my chest and shoulder muscles are feeling a bit more relaxed, so although I know it's going to be a long road I know I have taken that first step.

No work today, but in that I am trying to get a few things done (slowly) ... and one thing I need to do is get finished is dad's birthday pressies, and also my nephews ... Dad doesn't know/remember but on Saturday they are all coming to celebrate his 90th ... Although last weekend he was sure he was only going to be 89!  So if I can get the 3 boys pressies done that will save me postage (it's their birthdays next week).

So things to do .... but sadly no money!  Especially as I had my car MOTd last week, work done on the brakes ... and to be told I need a new clutch!  Never mind, cars are sadly now mostly essential.  I do use the bus to do local trips but for the journey to and from Mum & Dad is 20+ miles ... so the car is needed.

Anyway, that's me ... I think my ramble was a bit muddled, but hope you get the gist of it ... and to finish, a version of the 10 Commandmets!

 photo 10358863_755146804600914_5331286005524777863_n_zps7ca33ec0.jpg
Tags: bible, car, chronic fatigue syndrome, mum and dad, personal, rl

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