Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

100 Days Of Happy - Day 70

Having had a tough couple of weeks I saw an ex-collegue of mine today.  Colin and I trained together as osteopaths, although after graduation he specialised in cranial treatments, so works froma  different angle than I did ... and works on more holistic treatments.

Anyway, I had been having bad headaches as well as an increase in muscle tension and tiredness, so hoped even if he didn't have any long-term help he could ease the headache.

Anyway he has given me real hope ... he said that as I have had repetative respiratory infections, before this virus ... and the virus started with 2 infections then he would look at that.  He said as my chest muscles were so, so tight trying to get my ribs working, then I was getting the headaches.  Also that is why I am tired +++ ... because I am having poor breathing I am "running on adrenaline", so tire rapidly.

So I had a treatment, and go back ina  month.  Timing is bad as he is semi-retired, but there again, it needs to be slow steady release of the tension.
Tags: 100 days of happy, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteopath

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