Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

The 12th Again

I owe a few replies to comments .... but I am going to actually do the monthlydiaryday as I have missed it the last few months.

So, here goes - a "normal day" for me!

Alarm clock goes off at 7am, and I glare at it!  Actually it's a clock-radio so I listen till 7.30 before getting up ... and then a big glass of water with my pills.  I also set up my bread-maker to make have a loaf ready for when I got home.  I also got bread out the freezer to make my sarnies for lunch.  Then my Bible reading time, before making my cheese sarnies, sorting out fruit etc to take ... then time for a shower before breakfast.

I leave home just before 8.45 and walk to work ... ready to start at 9 (yes I am lucky that I am that close).

I work at a hospital and this morning I was working on a "urine-flow" clinic.  It was hectic for some unknown reason ... it didn't help as we were in the wrong clinic room for some very vague reason.

I then had my lunch, and in the afternoon I was in the same location but cleaning equipment used for Sleep Apnoe testing.  There was also a new delivery of nebulisers which I had to register and calibrate, before delivering them to their clinic area.

I left work 5 mins early as I had a GP's appt ... no news as to why I am still suffering, but my doctor likes to keep up to date with me.

Back home, to the smell of cooking bread.  Then I set the washing machine on before cooking dinner.

Now I am typing this - and am about to go and hang my washing on an airer before coming back and getting some more LJ time, and making some icons for character20n20

Hope you also had a good day.
Tags: the 12th, work

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