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Eternal Refuge
Because Everyone Needs Dreams.
A Bit Of A Catch-up Meme 
7th-Nov-2014 01:08 pm
Spike - face + body + my name
I keep saying that I am going to do an update, but procrastination is more my friend than ever.  Then when I get a few moments I cant decide what I want to say, so I have snagged the book of days meme from kazzy_cee

Outside my window:
As I sit the window is a bit high, but the sun is shining, after a rain shower earlier ... so that is great.

My thoughts...
Hard to summerise, as I think my brain is on overdrive as to the list of things I need to get done (housework etc), what I can get loved ones for Christmas (with no money in the bank!), and how M&D are this morning ... then the circle starts again.  However it's good to not be at work this morning so I can get caught up with some things, before I head to M&D's.

Today's Quote...
A favourite is always - "give me patience, Lord, but hurry"
I certainly love that - more than ever now.  Last year was glad to find it as a fridge magnet.

I am thankful for...
Life and health ... funny when life is tough at present, but I'm still here to enjoy it, and the old saying is so true that there are a lot of people a lot worse off than me.
I am thankful for Mum & Dad (even if I do want to throttle them occasionally!) ... it is great to still have them, to still be in contact with both my brothers and their families, as well.

What I learned this week...
So true that a true friend is always a true friend.  I saw Toni this week, and she is one special person - we have been through a lot over the years we lived near each other and worked together ... now the miles are between us, but nothing else.

From the kitchen last week
Had a lazy week so far, but am just about to make some Peanut Butter Biscuits (wafts smell over the internet!)

I am creating (crafts, sewing etc)
I need to get back to this.  I have done a bit of icon-making this morning.  But everything else has drifted ... I need to make myself a workable (for me now) list of things to do.

My adventures this week... (where are you going this week?)..
Does taking Mum to the hospital count?  Other than that I have been at work or home!

Becoming well read (What are you reading this week?)
Other than my Bible reading in the morning (I am reading Job at present) I have been re-reading some long Spuffy fan-fic, and at work, in my lunch, am re-reading "Ghost Story" (in the Dresden series).  My quarterly magazine also came - This England, so that is being well read ... there is an article on Bruce Bairnsfather and I have 2 of his prints.  Also one on Bath, so now I will have to go back to the city!

I manifest and co-create (what are your hopes and dreams this week)
I am working on acceptance of my tiredness ... and in doing so, working round what I can do with my life to keep going as much as possible.  I need to make realistic plans more than ever now.

Melody (what music are you listening to? even if it's just the sound of a bird)
I have my Media Player on shuffle ... "Will you still love me tomorrow" by the Shirelles has just started

One of my favourite things...
My friends here.

Goals reached last week...
I got my house cleaned ... not great, but a job I had been putting off so that I could put my efforts into other things.

Things that made my week this week...
Mum not having to have an op
Meeting up with Toni

Still life (share a picture you've taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)...
When I went to London they were just starting to build the frames for the poppies ... I really wish I had been able to see this.  One poppy for every Commenwealth soldier killed during WWI .... a sea of red around the Tower of London.
 photo 10644969_10154772459375284_1884672011301025368_n_zps78148b32.jpg
7th-Nov-2014 06:25 pm (UTC)
Small goals are still goals. Can you get some (free) help in to help with the housework now you have a specific diagnosis?
12th-Nov-2014 07:49 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately the main place I need help is at M&D's ... and Mum is too stubborn to get any help in house.

But I keep pottering on.
7th-Nov-2014 06:28 pm (UTC)
What a great meme! I´ll keep it in mind for either late December/January, or as soon as my moving is (at least halfway) done and I can manage some time to think about answers to this meme. :)

Christmas presents!! Oh boy, I should do some thinking about that too..*sigh*
Peanut butter biscuits! Yummy!! Thanks for sending the delicious smell via internet! :)
Glad to hear your M&D are both doing well so far - and yes, I´m familiar with the occasional throttle-feeling too. LOL But we still love them, and that´s the most important thing here! ;)
Beautiful, yet sad picture. Makes you realize just how many poor souls lost their lives in that horrible time..I really hope, mankind will once learn that violence will never be the answer to anything. :(

Despite the tiredness, I hope you´re still feeling well! *hugs you* ♥
12th-Nov-2014 07:54 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's a fun meme - looking forward to catching up with your news when you get time. Hope the move is working out.

Those poppies at the Tower are stunning - so much loss and sadness around the world (in the name of politics!)

*hugs* - yes I'm not too bad in myself despite being zonked out so much of the time.
7th-Nov-2014 09:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks are good and goals are good.

But the best Christmas gift you can give is what you give all year, your unfailing love and support.. for something to unwrap how about one of your lovely photos in one of the nice but cheap frames you can get for a quid?

Edited at 2014-11-07 09:45 pm (UTC)
12th-Nov-2014 07:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks Deb.

I had the photo idea last year! So looks a bit boring this year. Sometimes the hardest bit is trying to get ideas, isn't it?
7th-Nov-2014 09:45 pm (UTC)
Very true about the family and friends.
12th-Nov-2014 07:51 pm (UTC)
Family & friends are special

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