Deborah (debris4spike) wrote,

100 Days Of Happy - Day 54 ... And Iolus Icons

I posted a few times ago that I had been watching some of the "Legendary Adventures of Hercules".

Well yet again I have enjoyed the memories that the show brings.  A few years ago when I lived in Bude I used to fence with 3 other friends ... and after fencing we used to go back to one of our houses to watch a video ... and Hercules was popular ... although Iolus was voted the more popular of the 2 heros.  The four of us had our favourite stories and characters ... but in making a set of icons I have had the challenge of the various themes, as well as the fun of the memories that they evoked.

So, this set of icons was made for round 62 of character20n20 ... hope you enjoy.  Here are the 3 teasers -

 photo Frame_zps98bf44ee.jpg    photo Cat3-Blue_zpsfff10d79.jpg    photo AC5_zps9c978479.jpg


Autumn Blocking Frame Friendship Laugh
 photo Autumn_zps75955d00.jpg  photo Blocking_zpsd2798c27.jpg  photo Frame_zps98bf44ee.jpg  photo Friendship_zpsf1d90212.jpg  photo Laugh_zps8b6224cf.jpg
Monotone Text Out of the Box Sky Three Vulnerable
 photo MonotoneText_zpsc13839f0.jpg  photo Outofthebox_zps8988f6f0.jpg  photo Sky_zps04f13af4.jpg  photo Three_zpsaeb235d8.jpg  photo Vulnerable_zps28746c6e.jpg


Red Light Yellow Light Blue Light Pink Light Purple Light
 photo Cat1-Red_zps7f2ee7a2.jpg  photo Cat2-Yellow_zps3dfc3cb9.jpg  photo Cat3-Blue_zpsfff10d79.jpg  photo Cat4-Pink_zps9dd4bfb1.jpg  photo Cat5-Purple_zpsa2c841fa.jpg


artist's choice 1 artist's choice 2 artist's choice 3 artist's choice 4 artist's choice 5
 photo AC1_zps2d3e76e3.jpg  photo AC2_zps80faedab.jpg  photo AC3_zpsccdd8447.jpg  photo AC4_zps8007f39e.jpg  photo AC5_zps9c978479.jpg

As ever, all are snaggable - credits for Screen Caps and textures etc can be found on my icon journal - d4s_icons

Tags: 100 days of happy, hercules, icons, iolus
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